Negative Calorie Food – 15 Foods to Help Drop Calories

Negative calorie food types are also known as zero calorie foods. This is due to the body using up the energy immediately after consuming these foods. It is a common belief that one burns calories through the energy used eating them! Most negative calorie foods contain less than forty calories per serving. The fifteen foods listed will help you fill the gap when hunger sets in. They are great for those wishing to lose weight while following a nutrition rich diet. Add any of these to your meals and your daily calorie intake will not suffer.

1. The Top Negative Calorie Food – Celery

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Celery is one of the most famous negative calorie food types due to being very beneficial to weight loss. Besides being a negative calorie food, celery is also a great antioxidant. It is also packed with vitamin K, C and potassium. Celery also gives you folates and vitamin B6 which is essential for a healthy metabolism. Due to being a great source of dietary fiber, celery also facilitates weight loss. The unique blend of electrolytes and water keeps you hydrated whilst reducing bloating. Celery gives an improvement to the health of your liver, skin, eyes and brain function. It is a great negative calorie food. At just 16 calories per 100 gram serving, zero calorie foods don’t get much lighter.